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You want to make certain you get the assistance of electrical professionals when the sparks are flying. If you fail to correct an electrical problem, it can be a cause of serious concern. Electrical repairs are best handled by a professional as taking the DIY route can end up having unforeseen consequences.

When conducting home upgrades, your reliable RazorClean Handyman will be able to perform all of your electrical service needs, including rewiring tasks and setting up your new electrical appliances. These are tasks that are best left to your professional RazorClean Handyman.

The Benefit of Professional Electrical Service

The experts at RazorClean Handyman can take care of all of your residential Electrical Service needs. From simpler problems like fixing non-functioning switches, outlets, or existing fixtures, to addressing and repairing more complicated home wiring hazards. We can take care of your problem troubleshooting and provide you with an adequate solution for an affordable price.

Taking on electrical repairs and installations as a do-it-yourself project may seem exciting but this is best left to a experienced handyman. Electricity can be dangerous if you are not careful, and all it takes is a single misstep. We have the proper tools and know-how to get any Electrical Service job done right the first time.

RazorClean Handyman can take care of your electrical service needs, providing you with careful and respectful service that gets the job done thoroughly and safely. We are available for a wide variety of electrical service solutions, and can provide for all of your basic needs. We’ll get your new rooms wired, and provide the necessary improvements your home may need.

The Benefits of our Electrical Services

  • Affordable Care
  • Safer than do-it-yourself
  • Reliable repairs and installations
  • Upfront pricing

Dealing With A Winter Power Outage

What to do when the lights go out.

Nobody ever wants to deal with the headache of a power outage, but the fact is winter storms bring the distinct possibility of loss of power to your home. Because we never know just how long it may take for power to be restored, it’s important that every home have a plan in place should power loss occur for any length of time.

We’ve assembled a few tips that may help you prepared should the lights go out this winter:

The G-Word: The first thing people wish they could get their hands on in a power outage is a generator. It may be impractical in some living situations, but without a doubt, a generator is the one luxury item that makes an outage live-able more than just about any other resource.

If, however, there is someone in the home that relies on electricity to manage a health condition (such as someone who depends on a ventilator or other power enabled devices) a generator is not just a luxury; it really is a must. Whether you have a generator or not, it’s important that those that do rely on electricity to manage a health condition, register with your local electrical company to ensure that your home is prioritized regarding power being restored.

Without a home generator, such individuals should be fully aware of the nearest health facility with a back-up generator in the event of a power failure and, if possible, make arrangements in advance to stay there if and when it happens. In any case, when using a home generator you should ALWAYS pay careful attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. And never operate a generator in or near standing water.

Every home should have a few things set aside for an emergency. Depending on its severity, a power outage can threaten your comfort or it can threaten your safety. So it’s best to keep a supply of key items and know exactly where to find them at all times.

One thing you will always need to have access to is a reliable flashlight. Keep a fresh batch of batteries–enough to last at least 72 hours or better. Also helpful is a battery powered radio. Absent a smart phone, which may last 6 hours or so without a charge, a radio may be your only means of information for some time, so be sure you keep enough batteries on hand for that also.

It’s a good rule of thumb to always have at least one gallon of water per person in your household. Non-perishable foods like cereals, nuts and canned goods (and a hand-operated can opener, of course). Hunger is just another thing you will not want to have to deal with if you have to spend any time without electricity unexpectedly.

As for the food in your refrigerator, try to open the door as little as you can to preserve as much cooling as possible for as long as possible. Items within a filled refrigerator are expected to keep for up to about six hours. Items in a filled freezer should keep for about 2 days or so. A good rule of thumb is dispose of food whose temperature drops below 45 degrees. When in doubt, throw it out.

Be A Smart Dresser: If temperatures dip below freezing while power is out, dress in layers, keeping your head covered first and foremost. (Heat escapes more quickly from your head than from any other part of the body.) Conversely, should an outage occur during the summer months, stay in the lowest area of your home to keep coolest. Heat rises, cold sinks.

If temperatures in either direction begin to overwhelm, and power is out for an extended period of time, don’t hesitate to leave and seek shelter with friends or family with power or a local shelter. Don’t endanger yourself and your family just to avoid the added inconvenience of leaving your home.
While many outages last no more than a few days, some have famously continued for weeks. Above all, stay calm and, as much as possible, stay connected. Keep hydrated and conserve food. And if you have a plan and necessary supplies, you’ll get through just fine.

Tips for Affordable Home Lighting Makeovers

They say nothing dates a person like their hair style. That's probably because styles change so frequently from year to year that there are precious few options, if any, for a timeless look. The same thing might be said for home lighting. It's certainly true that nothing dates a home like lighting fixtures.



They say nothing dates a person like their hair style. That’s probably because styles change so frequently from year to year that there are precious few options, if any, for a timeless look.

The same thing might be said for home lighting. It’s certainly true that nothing dates a home like lighting fixtures. And so it follows that lighting upgrades should be among the first considerations when looking to update your home.

Fortunately, lighting upgrades don’t have to be all that expensive and the difference they make can be quite dramatic.

There are, indeed, some great options for upgrading the lighting in your home that won’t break the bank.

For instance, track lighting was once standard for condominiums. Now the large, bulky cans have been replaced with less obtrusive recessed options. If you can’t afford an upgrade to build in recessed lights, try replacing the cans in your track lights with, sleeker, more modern cans. A trip to your local big box home improvement store should reveal a ton of options that fit a modern design and your track system.

But replacing a hanging lamp every three or four years might get costly. For a classic option, try a drum shade lamp kit. Most lighting stores stock a variety of affordable options and you can easily switch out the crumb shade as you see fit. Always remember to hire a licensed electrician when changing out lighting fixtures. Never fool around with electrical wiring if you aren’t yourself licensed and trained to do so.

If the fixture itself isn’t the problem, try switching out your wall mounted light switch with a dimmer. It adds versatility to your indoor decor that goes a long way toward modern lighting.

Be flexible when looking at some of theseoptions and you’re sure to come up with an upgrade that takes a couple of decades off of the look of your home.

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