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Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional janitorial and maids services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at RazorClean Maids. If you don't see your question, please call us.

RazorClean Maids allows everyone to "Run Out To A Clean Business!" or "Run Home To A Clean House!"

What is RazorClean Maids Service?
RazorClean Maids is a commercial and residential cleaning service that was founded in the state of Arkansas. We hire janitorial cleaners and residential housekeepers who have provided quality service for a number of years, and we train them to provide professional RazorClean Maids service. Each janitorial and maid service team is comprised of bonded, insured, licensed, and uniformed cleaners who are regularly supervised. This means that you will always receive the RazorClean Maids Check Plus Guarantee. Yes, you don't have to worry about hiring us, and then six months or so later, the service starting to decline. We are not like other service providers that start out great but then turn into one more problem. RazorClean Maids will provide the same great service every time.

How does the RazorClean Maids Check Plus Guarantee work?
One of our managers will personally come to your business or home to check our janitorial and maids cleaners at least once a month. This ensures that you will always receive the best professional service. Our managers will leave a personal note if not speak with assign contact or home owner. He/She will let you know that they have personally done the RazorClean Maids Check Plus Guarantee. They will leave you their phone number and email address. A questionnaire will be left asking you to please grade the service and the team providing it at least once a year. This questionnaire can be filled out and mailed back at your convenience. It is your choice whether you want to fill out the questionnaire, we just want to ensure that you are happy with your service. You can also email or call us at any time about concerns. These are just some of the ways we ensure that you will always receive great service from RazorClean Maids.

Do I have to check behind RazorClean Maids?
Can you imagine not ever having to check behind your janitorial or maid provider? With RazorClean Maids, you don't have to. If one of our managers conducting the RazorClean Maids Check Plus Guarantee finds something that does not pass RazorClean Maids' standards, he/she will personally call you to re-schedule a free cleaning and a new team will be assigned if requested. We are the first and only provider that offers this level of service. That's why people all over Arkansas are leaving other providers and joining the RazorClean Maids team.

Does RazorClean Maids offer Janitorial Services?
Yes, RazorClean Maids is extremely proud to offer RazorClean Janitorial Services. From large to small, we can handle it. If you are looking for a general cleaning for your commercial property, please look no futher. We have affordable and great service for dentist offices, insurance agencies, doctor's offices, retail stores, car dealerships, churches, commercial buildings, and other businesses. We do it all, from deep cleaning your entryways to complete restroom sanitization. All of our cleaning and maintenance is built specifically with you, our customers, in mind. We provide detail-oriented cleaning services, mess-free methods, and odor, stain, or pollutant removal. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, so we will find a commercial cleaning program that works for you.

Is RazorClean Maids the cheapest service?
We will always be the best provider of service at the most affordable price. Yes, we said it, BEST and AFFORDABLE together. Don't you think it's about time a professional janitorial and maids service provider offered these two things together? BEST and AFFORDABLE. RazorClean Maids is willing to take the ball, run with it, and give you what others will not, affordable great service. (Touchdown!) Where others like to over charge and provide declining service, we offer you great service at a affordable rate so you will always be a member of the RazorClean Maids team. RazorClean Maids will always bet any other provider by 5- 10%, allowing you to save money!

Can I trust RazorClean Maids Service?
We are willing to work for your trust and business. The manager that is assigned to your business or home will call you to sit down and learn your cleaning needs before your first appoinment. We would like to get to know you better to ensure that we provide the best service with the RazorClean Maids Check Plus Guarantee. RazorClean Maids will always work hard to make sure you can "Run Out To A Clean Business!" or "Run Home To A Clean House!" Plus, you will always have access to our main office to discuss your professional cleaning service. Yes, you can trust RazorClean Maids to always provide great customer service. Your way, everytime!

How is RazorClean Maids Green?
We work extremely hard to meet the local community's need for a balanced life and a clean business or home. Outside of offering green cleaning services, we also refill bottles, use less product, and protect our cleaning teams and customers from unnecessary exposure. We do use green cleaning products when they are requested. Yes, you can "Run Out To A Clean 'Green' Business!" or "Run Home To A Clean 'Green' House!"

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