Your home’s paint plays a major part in displaying the natural beauty and architecture of your home; it provides a barrier that prevents surface deterioration, water infiltration, and mold which provides mildew growth. Paint also protects your home from infestations from pests, and so much more. With RazorClean Painters, the circle of trust we will analyze the exterior and interior paint of your home, which is the first step to protecting your largest investment and improving your home’s performance which creates a healthier environment.

Painting is a way to increase the exterior beauty of your home, but more importantly the exterior paint protects your home from the outdoor elements. The outside of your home is exposed to many adverse conditions, intense heat, ultraviolet rays, ultra-low humidity levels, and strong winds. If you think damage has taken place to the exterior paint of your home. RazorClean Painters can find, diagnose and repair in order to improve and protect your home. Unlike many things in life that show signs that they are in need of attention or repair, the exterior paint of your home can be much more deceitful. In most cases, by the time your home does start to show visible signs that it’s in need of repair, the damage has already escalated to a problem.


Seven Signs Your Exterior Paint Needs TLC!

If your home has exterior paint, follow this checklist to determine if you have the signs that you need to paint the exterior of your home.

  • Peeling or Flaking Paint? This is a red flag that the exposed wood will be subject to water damage and the elements! Check bats, boards, siding and window frames.
Peeling Paint
  • Chalky or Fading Paint? Chalk-like dust on your hand after touching the paint occurs when ultraviolet rays from the sun disintegrate the resin in the paint. When it rains the chalk is washed off and the color looks faded and uneven as compared to the rest of the home.
Fading Paint
  • Brittle, Cracked, or Separating Caulk? You may find this compromised caulking between the windows and wood or brick or along door frames and along bats if you have bat and board construction.
Seperating Caulk
  • Lingering Water Stains? Do you see stains that do not appear to go away; especially in shady areas? Staining can also occur if there are nails or other metal anchoring components rusting and coloring the area.
  • Rotting Wood? This could also indicate a water leak either from the interior wall or a dripping from an external source, like a clogged or leaky gutter. If you have ivy or climbing plants that may create humidity between the vine and wall.
Seperating Caulk
  • Cracked Stucco? Stucco may crack and if not protected or repaired then water may leak behind it. Even hairline cracks need attention—it is not impermeable and stucco needs a paint finish protection just like wood.
  • Disappearing Boards: Do your boards have a shrinking look? It’s fungus eating away at your home! This can be insidious and potentially damage the structure of your home.
Seperating Caulk

A simple fresh coat of paint can protect your home from expensive repairs, if done timely and right.


RazorClean Painters Company knows the warning signs of paint failure, as well as how to fix them. Not only do we use premium painting products, but all of our exterior home painters are trained, licensed and insured. Our painting professionals are aware that your home is one of your greatest investments, which is why we take the time to do the job right.