Ant Control

Ant Control

You may have been told in the past that spraying liquid products on ants is the best way to resolve an ant problem, but this can create an issue called "Budding" which will only make the problem worse because then the ants will split into more than one location.  However, in the same respect, baits don’t work for every breed of ant either. Knowing what type of ant you are fighting is the key if you want them gone, which is why RazorClean is here to help. Ants are one of the most difficult household pests to eliminate unless provided with the proper tools, experience, and guidance. Some ants live in holes or small enclosures and are best controlled using dust products while other ants are best controlled with baits.  Many times they seek proteins or sweeter substances which can be from spilled sugary drinks or dropped food. Choosing the right product and knowing where to place it to best eliminate the issue is what our professionals are here to do.

Sometimes, ants can be extra pesky and can share homes even if they're different types of ants. It can get confusing exactly what breeds you may have living in your home and we know you just want them out. No need to worry! RazorClean will get rid of all types of ants with budget friendly treatments. Give RazorClean a call today for us to explain your options and schedule an appointment if you are satisfied with our proposed solutions. We send you a technician ready to answer your questions and to solve your ant problem – that same day. So, take the stress out of your ant troubles and contact us today, or you can get a free estimate online.

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