Fire Ant Service

Fire Ants

Fire Ants have made an unfortunate decision to make all areas their new home and thankfully RazorClean has found a cost-effective way to prevent these small firey pests from taking over your home and outside yards. Unlike many companies, RazorClean Termite & Pest Control includes this protection within the general pest service.  Our service is not only affordable, but also comes with a full warranty which means that there is no charge if we have to return to treat new Fire Ant mounds.  Our products are safe to use on yards with your family pets or your kids playing outside and will not damage the lawn in any way. After just a few weeks, your family will be able to carelessly walk barefoot through your yard with no worries of painful ant bites. 

  • Our trained technicians will protect your home and family against pests.
  • Technicians are available to service your home quickly.
  • We have knowledge and experience treating pests and termites.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We'll do whatever it takes to solve your pest problems, including call-back services at no cost until pests are gone. 

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