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Special Event Permits Procurement Is a Critical Step
In Your Successful Event Planning
Or New Product Launching

With each city growing proximity to the national media, major advertisers, and agencies, thousands of promotional events, advertising events, celebrity events, and major media events are on the rise daily. How do you insure that your event will not be bounced by the crowded City calendar?

RazorClean Security Services Offers Full-Service
Event Permit Procurement.

We work directly with authorities to speed your paperwork through and coordinate all aspects of the permit process. We have a razor focus on event and event security permits and, unlike other services that claim to be permit agents, we do not use our access to your event and clients to cross-sell the services of "partners".

Because we work extensively with local and national security authorities, we have direct access to any auxiliary permits your event may require including air and water permits for helicopters and watercraft.

Special Venues Require Expert Experience To Secure And To Anticipate Necessary Permits For Events And Product Launchings

Perhaps your event would require a mid-town rooftop with air permits -- or perhaps your event would involve moving high-profile talent through back exits and below-ground facilities using plainclothes event security agents and advance teams. RazorClean Security Services is experts in all elements of Municipal interface, security planning and staffing. Trust the professionals at RazorClean Security Services to handle all your event permit and event security requirements:

- Mobil Marketing Vehicle Permits - Sampling or Soliciting Parking Permits
- Production Parking Permits - Police Permits
- Red Carpet/Celebrity Appearance Permits - Building Permits
- Public Right of Way Permits - Health or Food Sampling Permits
- Film or Scouting Permits - Amplified Sound Permits
-Tent or Canopy Permits - Marine or Barge Permits
- Fireworks or Pyrotechnics Permits - Temporary Public Assembly Permits
- Street Activity or Street Teams Permits - Park Department Permits
- Impact or Sanitation Permits

Your Special Event License
Is In Good Hands With Our Expert Team
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