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Security Services

- Armed and Unarmed Security
- Uniformed Security
- Plainclothes & Undercover Bodyguards
- Special Event Security
- Sporting Event Security
- Corporate Event Security
- Concierge
- Fireguard
- Executive Protection Services
- Celebrity Protection Services
- Disaster and Emergency Response
- Trade Show and Convention Security
- Crowd Control
- Risk and Threat Assessment
- Crisis Response Scenarios

- Critical Infrastructure
- Network Vulnerability, Threat &
  Risk Assessment (VRTA)
- Penetration Testing
- Compliance Consulting


Commercial Property: Security Systems; The New Watchmen: TV Monitors and Computers

Corporate Security Costs Up Slightly Since 9/11

With Kidnapping of Executive, Security Has Become an Issue

Pinstripe Suits With Kevlar Vests

At RazorClean Security Services we go beyond physical security — we deliver CYBER SECURITY as well.

We Deliver More Than Bodyguards or Security Guards

Uniformed security guards are often a deterrent to crime by their mere presence -- by simply being visible. We understand that our professionals represent you, the client firm, to the public. You can be assured that our security professionals are not only fully trained to handle physical emergencies and to protect property and life; they are also neat in appearance, courteous, and professional.

Licensed and trained fire guards and FSD/EAPDs perform a vital function in many types of buildings. RazorClean Security Services maintains a roster of these professionals who are the first lines of defense in regards to fire emergencies.

The role of a concierge is to be a front door ambassador and they are an integral part of well-functioning apartment buildings, hotels and hospitals. Concierges are there to meet the needs of the client. RazorClean Security Services provides helpful and attentive concierge staff to meet our client's needs.


RazorClean Security Services range from residential to commercial security. The first step in protecting any one or thing is to realize that each situation is unique. RazorClean Security Services customizes its approach to security service to fit the specific needs of each client or site. Account managers evaluate sites prior to recommending a security solution. Site evaluations are performed with a focus on finding security weaknesses and developing low cost or free measures that can improve security at the site.

When guards are needed, clients are given options for building security service provided by security guards. Regardless of whether a site requires unarmed front desk security staff in suits and neck ties performing access control duties or armed security guards in full tactical gear, our security guards are up to the task.

Many buildings have building security cameras as part of their building security systems. However, the most secure buildings are those protected by men and women in uniform that are capable thinking, problem solving and adjusting based on the real situations encountered in the building. There are some things a camera or alarm just can’t do. Many property managers who understand the importance of building security combine building security cameras with professional security guards to create a comprehensive security solution.

Trust Razorclean security services, we offer building security for various building structures

  • Commercial building security
  • Office building security
  • Condominiums security
  • Warehouse security
  • Shopping center security
  • Industrial security
  • Church security
  • And more…..

Security for sites with multiple buildings, for building security sites with multiple buildings Trust RazorClean Security Services to implement a multi-pronged approach to security service. Gate guards’ man entrance points to prevent unauthorized persons and/or vehicles from entering the property. 

Bodyguard and Plainclothes Detail for
Executive, V.I.P. and Celebrity Protection Services


When discretion is a requirement, RazorClean Security Services provides the finest plainclothes and undercover specialists, most with current or former law enforcement backgrounds, advanced firearms training and the experience and skills to be effective but not intrusive.

The threat of domestic and international terrorism has never been higher. Personal protection services are a necessity. We will assess the potential threats and formulate an effective protection plan that is individualized and caters to the client's needs. All protection services are delivered with discretion and confidentiality.

Security guard and protection services are
available on short notice for special events as well on
an affordable long-term contract basis for property
protection and building security

RazorClean Security Services has highly-trained and experienced protection professionals for every situation.

- Armed and Unarmed Security - Celebrity Protection Services
- Uniformed Security - Disaster and Emergency Response
- Plainclothes and Undercover Bodyguards - Trade Show and Convention Security
- Special Event Security - Crowd Control
- Sporting Event Security - Risk and Threat Assessment
- Corporate Event Security - Crisis Response Scenarios
- Executive Protection Services

Best of the Special Event Security Companies

Special events such as conventions, gallery opening, corporate parties and sporting events often require a customized security approach. Our special events personnel design a security plan by working closely with you to assess the security threat, crowd control, and crisis response scenarios. The plan also emphasizes safety and security based on specific venue logistics. Trained security personnel are polite and professional, while they assure the safety and security of the event attendees.

To arrange a meeting and receive an appraisal of your corporate or executive protection requirements, call 1-855-GO RZCLN (467-9256) today.

Bodyguard and Plainclothes Detail for
Executive, V.I.P. and Celebrity Protection Services

Residential Service

Residential security services typically consist of a combination of mobile patrol and foot patrol duties.  During mobile patrols security guards perform security patrols across their assigned communities in market security vehicles.  Apartment security tends to focus on foot patrols.  Home security for communities with single family homes tend to rely solely on mobile patrols.  In some cases bicycles may be used. RazorClean Security Services is ready to serve regardless of what type of security patrol is needed to maintain safety and security of the community. Our residential security guards function as a deterrent for potential robbers and vagrants. Residential security can consist of foot or mobile security patrols. Security guards patrolling residential areas enforce the rules and regulations of the community. Residential security guards assist residents in need and report suspicious or criminal activity to local law enforcement. RazorClean Security Services maintains an open dialogue with local law enforcement to share information and monitor occurrences in the surrounding area.

Vandalism Prevention

Vandalism poses a serious threat to residential communities. All too often suspects with too much free time choose to spend that time damaging the property of others. The residential security service provided by RazorClean Security Services creates an environment that is unwelcoming to vandals. Effective community security prevents acts of vandalism resulting in preserving the aesthetics integrity of the community and preventing costly property damage. Mobile patrol and foot security patrol officers are on the lookout for suspicious activity that may be an indication of potential misconduct.

Property management is a 24 hour business. Residential security guards allow property managers to delegate after hours regulations and enforcement to professional security guards. The types and times of threats often change at different times of year. Most apartment crimes occur during the night time. However, during the summer months many incidents occur during the day. This seasonal increase occurs as a result of adolescents being out of school for the summer. As a result, security shifts can occur in morning and night or the overall schedules can change based on threat levels. The home security plan should adjust as the threats to the community change.  RazorClean Security’s account mangers work with clients to design the best approach that accomplishes the safety and security goals and falls within budgetary limitations. Open communication between the security account manager and community leaders, property managers or home owner association board members is an essential part of an effective residential security services plan.

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