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Call Us:
1-855 GO RZCLN (467-9256)

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Towing Nashville Tennessee

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Having a business where you need to move heavy equipment from one location to another can be a headache at times. At RazorClean Towing we understand this side of business. Don’t put you or your employees in danger by attempting to move the equipment yourself. Let the pros at RazorClean Towing Company handle it. We can transport loads up to 10,000 LBS.

  • Storage Buildings: 10 x 25 feet max
  • Heavy Machinery etc.
  • Fork Lifts etc.


Please submit the form below with the correct information about your heavy equipment that needs to be moved.

Tips for Safe Towing

Learning to tow can be a challenging experience because there are so many different parts, procedures, and skills to learn, which simply takes time. In fact, experience is what sets apart good towers from poor ones. Also, hauling any type of cargo or heavy freight is a big responsibility, so as a novice you should do everything in your power to learn how to tow safely in order to protect yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. Even the smallest mistake on the easiest tow can lead to disaster. Below are some helpful tips for safe towing. Brush up on these and more before hitching your trailer for the first time!

Tip #1

Learn your towing vehicle’s gross combined weight rating (GCWR). You need to figure out how much total weight your vehicle can tow, including occupants, cargo, trailer, and additional equipment.

Tip #2

You must also learn your trailers tongue weight. This is the weight of force the trailer’s tongue places on the hitch receiver. Too little weight will cause swaying, while too much will take weight off your vehicle’s front tires, making it harder to steer and maneuver.

Tip #3

Fully understand your towing set-up and how to install it properly; and always double check it before hitting the road. This includes making sure all your brake and signal lights are operational and match up.

Tip #4

Always keep a safe distance between cars on the road, and remember to give yourself more room for turns and extra time for braking. Practicing in an open lot is the best method for learning how to tow.

Tip #5

Try to avoid parking in a place that will require you to reverse. Driving in reverse with a trailer can be tricky, so practice as much as possible to improve your confidence and your skills.

Tip #6

Always use your emergency lights or flashers while towing, even in the daytime. This warns other drivers to watch out for wider turns and slower stops.

Tip #7

Keep an emergency roadside assistance kit in your vehicle at all times and learn how to use it. This includes the spare tire and jack! If you are stranded on the road, never leave your vehicle in the middle of traffic; instead, pull over to the RIGHT side of the road where it is safer to exit. And be sure to turn your hazard lights on.

RazorClean, The Circle of Trust. Save Money, Live RazorClean