RazorClean Sprinkler Repair & Winterization

RazorClean Lawn Care is the lawn sprinkler repair company to call. All living things must have enough water to survive. Your turf and landscape plantings are no exception. A well maintained and periodically adjusted automatic sprinkler system provides just the right amounts of water…at the right times. A well maintained sprinkler system lets you manage water use better, you will conserve water and that means savings to you. Conserve and Go Green!

RazorClean Lawn Care has the experience to maintain your sprinkler system. Our Nationally Certified Irrigation Technician will provide repairs, one-time adjustments or season long care. RazorClean Lawn Care will provide the following services:

Spring Sprinkler Activation

We will activate your system and inspect for leaks and proper adjustment. Also, we will program your controller based on seasonal conditions.

Backflow Testing For Your Sprinkler System

Some water districts require that your backflow device be tested annually. Our technicians are certified to test your backflow assembly and submit all necessary paperwork to the water district.

Periodic Sprinkler Inspections

Often, your irrigation system runs in the middle of the night. If a malfunction occurs you may not be aware of it until your grass and plants have died. In our area weather patterns can change rapidly requiring an adjustment of your controller for proper watering. We perform periodic inspections during the course of the season. We highly recommend including periodic inspections in your service plan for optimum system performance.

Sprinkler Winterization

Your irrigation system requires proper winterization to prevent freeze damage to your pipes and backflow device. Our techs will shut down your system and remove all water in the lines with compressed air.

Irrigation Repair and Service

We repair all brands of irrigation systems. We can handle any repair or upgrade to your system. Call us and we’ll schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

We also install outdoor landscape lighting. Let us enhance your existing landscape at night, with a low voltage outdoor lighting system.